Thursday, August 04, 2011

Next Generation Sequencing for Plant Breeders Webinar

This webinar and the accompanying presentation (in pdf format at the bottom of the page), presented at the 2010 Tomato Disease Workshop, provide an overview of DNA sequencing technologies and the type of sequence obtained using Sanger sequencing, next/second generation sequencing, and third generation sequencing. The sequencing technologies are discussed in the context of plant breeding.

In the first video clip, Dr. Allen Van Deynze, University of California, Davis, provides an overview of Sanger sequencing, next generation/second generation sequencing, and third generation sequencing technologies. In addition, the sequencing technologies are compared based on the amount of sequence generated, the cost, and the sequence read length.

In the second video clip, Dr. Van Deynze provides visual representations of the portion of the genome sequenced using different sequencing technologies, and he discusses the potential utility of the sequence, from expressed sequence tags (ESTs), to the transcriptome, to the whole genome.

Pdf file:
01 VanDeynze Sequencing_0

Story Source: Author: Heather L. Merk, The Ohio State University.

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