Sunday, December 14, 2014

Journal of Integrative Plant Biology. Special Issue: Metabolomics and Metabolic Biology

Plant metabolomics and metabolic biology (pages 814–815)
Xiaoquan Qi and Dabing Zhang

Recent progress in polar metabolite quantification in plants using liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (pages 816–825)
Zhiqian Liu and Simone Rochfort

Research Articles
Seed metabolomic study reveals significant metabolite variations and correlations among different soybean cultivars (pages 826–836)
Hong Lin, Jun Rao, Jianxin Shi, Chaoyang Hu, Fang Cheng, Zoe A. Wilson, Dabing Zhang and Sheng Quan

Gas chromatography mass spectrometry based metabolic profiling reveals biomarkers involved in rice-gall midge interactions (pages 837–848)
Ruchi Agarrwal, Jagadish Sanmallappa Bentur and Suresh Nair

Comparative metabolomic analysis of wild type and mads3 mutant rice anthers(pages 849–863)
Guorun Qu, Sheng Quan, Palash Mondol, Jie Xu, Dabing Zhang and Jianxin Shi

Metabolomics-assisted refinement of the pathways of steroidal glycoalkaloid biosynthesis in the tomato clade (pages 864–875)
Kevin Schwahn, Leonardo Perez de Souza, Alisdair R. Fernie and Takayuki Tohge

Comprehensive profiling and natural variation of flavonoids in rice (pages 876–886)
Xuekui Dong, Wei Chen, Wensheng Wang, Hongyan Zhang, Xianqing Liu and Jie Luo

Genome-wide identification and expression analyses of cytochrome P450 genes in mulberry (Morus notabilis) (pages 887–901)
Bi Ma, Yiwei Luo, Ling Jia, Xiwu Qi, Qiwei Zeng, Zhonghuai Xiang and Ningjia He

The P450-type carotene hydroxylase PuCHY1 from Porphyra suggests the evolution of carotenoid metabolism in red algae (pages 902–915)
Li-En Yang, Xing-Qi Huang, Yu Hang, Yin-Yin Deng, Qin-Qin Lu and Shan Lu

THF1 mutations lead to increased basal and wound-induced levels of oxylipins that stimulate anthocyanin biosynthesis via COI1 signaling in Arabidopsis (pages 916–927)
Yi Gan, Hong Li, Ye Xie, Wenjuan Wu, Maoyin Li, Xuemin Wang and Jirong Huang

Peltate glandular trichomes of Colquhounia seguinii harbor new defensive clerodane diterpenoids (pages 928–940)
Chun-Huan Li, Yan Liu, Juan Hua, Shi-Hong Luo and Sheng-Hong Li

Analysis of metabolic alterations in Arabidopsis following changes in the carbon dioxide and oxygen partial pressures (pages 941–959)
Alexandra Florian, Stefan Timm, Zoran Nikoloski, Takayuki Tohge, Hermann Bauwe, Wagner L. Araújo and Alisdair R. Fernie


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