Friday, October 10, 2014

Getting keen about quinoa

Stephen Jones is the producer of 100% British grown quinoa grains. He does that on his farm in Shropshire, and runs the British Quinoa Company. Hear from him about how he started up the firm and where production of the super-grain is headed. Plus we’ll hear much more about the grain: how it’s grown and harvested, the problems posed by the great British weather, about its different strains, how Stephen has to have a licence to grow it. And … how you pronounce the name of the grain. A fascinating chat in store!
And Claire from Juvela tells us about the British prescription-based glutenfree brand. Yep in the UK we can get coeliac-friendly food through the National Health Service. Hear how that works, what you are entitled to and why that’s different in various parts of the country. Juvela only make GF food for prescriptions and provide to pharmacies across the country, so hear about their range and why they’re not allowed to call their flour, ‘flour’!


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