Monday, July 18, 2011

The United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) adopted the Bolivian proposal to declare 2013 International Year of Quinoa

The Minister for Rural Development and Land, Nemesia Achacollo, said that 130 countries endorsed the proposal within the period 37 session of the FAO taking place in Rome. He said that in September the resolution of the FAO will be reviewed at the General Assembly of the Organization of the United Nations (UN).
 According to the official Prensa Latina, the quinoa-producing Andean countries are being challenged to communicate about it and promote it with exhibitions worldwide. Bolivia is the world's leading producer of quinoa, an ancient grain from the Andean highlands, which has regained a rise in the world market for its excellent nutritional values.
 The grain has been part of the human diet for some five thousand years before present; however, it only began to carry weight in international trade when its benefits were discovered. Since then, prices have risen for the "grain of gold," fetching up to $2,500 a ton versus $862 in 1999.

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2013 International Year of Quinoa                                                                                            

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