Friday, April 22, 2011

The Global Agricultural Development Initiative provides information, resources, and policy analysis on international agriculture and food issues to the U.S. administration, Congress, and interested companies, experts, and organizations.

About the Global Agricultural Development Initiative: A number of policy developments indicate a shift in thinking about how the United States can best leverage its resources to address global poverty alleviation: President Obama called for a doubling of U.S. support for agricultural development in 2010 at the G-20 summit in April; the G-8 announced in July a new $20 billion multinational food security initiative; both the House and Senate are considering legislation to enhance support for agricultural productivity; and Secretaries Clinton and Vilsack are launching a multi-year plan to advance global food security.
The Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Global Agricultural Development Initiative aims to build on the momentum generated by the report, Renewing American Leadership in the Fight Against Global Hunger and Poverty: The Chicago Initiative on Global Agricultural Development, and inform the development of U.S. policy on agricultural development and food security by raising awareness and providing resources, information, and policy analysis and recommendations to the U.S. Administration, Congress, and interested experts and organizations.
The Global Agricultural Development Initiative is housed within The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, a leading independent, nonpartisan organization committed to influencing the discourse on global issues through contributions to opinion and policy formation, leadership dialogue, and public learning. To learn more about The Chicago Council, please visit
Support for the Global Agricultural Development Initiative is generously provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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