Friday, February 11, 2011

SHORT BREEDING NEWS: Volume 27 Number 2 of Molecular Breeding

Dear friends here there is the table of contents of Molecular Breeding. Here you will find quick links to the full text of the article in PDF or HTML. Choose your preferred format and access the article with only one click! available on SpringerLink

In this issue:
Development and bin mapping of strawberry genic-SSRs in diploid Fragaria and their transferability across the Rosoideae subfamily
Yasmín Zorrilla-Fontanesi, Amalia Cabeza, Ana M. Torres, Miguel A. Botella, Victoriano Valpuesta, Amparo Monfort, José F. Sánchez-Sevilla & Iraida Amaya

Identification of F1 hybrids of artichoke by ISSR markers and morphological analysis
Chiara Lo Bianco, Juan A. Fernández, Daniele Migliaro, Paola Crinò & Catalina Egea-Gilabert

Fine mapping of a major QTL controlling panicle number in rice
Jinyan Zhu, Yong Zhou, Yanhua Liu, Zhongde Wang, Zaixiang Tang, Chuandeng Yi, Shuzhu Tang, Minghong Gu & Guohua Liang

Genetic linkage map of melon (Cucumis melo L.) and localization of a major QTL for powdery mildew resistance
Fernando J. Yuste-Lisbona, Carmen Capel, Emilio Sarria, Rocío Torreblanca, María L. Gómez-Guillamón, Juan Capel, Rafael Lozano & Ana I. López-Sesé

IRAP, a retrotransposon-based marker system for the detection of somaclonal variation in barley
Bradley C. Campbell, Sophie LeMare, George Piperidis & Ian D. Godwin

A major terminal drought tolerance QTL of pearl millet is also associated with reduced salt uptake and enhanced growth under salt stress
Parbodh C. Sharma, Deepmala Sehgal, Dhananjay Singh, Gurbachan Singh & Rattan S. Yadav

Analysis of alien introgression in coffee tree (Coffea arabica L.)
Philippe Lashermes, Marie-Christine Combes, Caroline Ansaldi, Elijah Gichuru & Sandra Noir

Assessment of genetic diversity in Italian rice germplasm related to agronomic traits and blast resistance (Magnaporthe oryzae)
Odile Faivre-Rampant, Gianluca Bruschi, Pamela Abbruscato, Stefano Cavigiolo, Anna Maria Picco, Laetitia Borgo, Elisabetta Lupotto & Pietro Piffanelli

Marker-assisted breeding of a photoperiod-sensitive male sterile japonica rice with high cross-compatibility with indica rice
Liangming Chen, Zhigang Zhao, Xi Liu, Linglong Liu, Ling Jiang, Shijia Liu, Wenwei Zhang, Yihua Wang, Yuqiang Liu & Jianmin Wan

QTL mapping of stripe, leaf and stem rust resistance genes in a Kariega × Avocet S doubled haploid wheat population
R. Prins, Z. A. Pretorius, C. M. Bender & A. Lehmensiek

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